Kitten Contract

All kittens are sold on the GCCF non-active register unless otherwise agreed, and will make excellent pets with fantastic personalities. If you’re interested in showing your kitten, please mention this to us, in order to help us select you a suitably ‘showy’ kitten; we’re keen to offer support and advice to new owners wishing to try their hand at showing. 

All new owners will be required to sign a ‘Kitten Contract’, agreeing to provide a good standard of care to the kitten, allowing access to appropriate veterinary treatment, and to return the kitten to us if a change in your circumstances at any time leaves you unable to care for the cat properly.  The contract also states in part that Aysifa kittens/cats must not be de-clawed or allowed outdoors.

If at any time in the future you experience problems with the kitten/cat or need advice, please contact us.  We offer a lifetime of support for every kitten we breed, and we’ll always be happy to have a chat with you and offer advice, or just delight in your recent show success!