We occasionally have a very limited number of Aysifa kittens available to responsible, permanent, loving, indoor homes only.

When enquiring about kittens, please tell us some information about yourself and your family; our kittens are all individuals, and knowing more about you helps us to match up their personalities with yours.  We prefer to meet every potential kitten owner in person.

Aysifa kittens leave home after 14 weeks, by which time they are fully weaned, litter trained and socialised, can use a scratch post, and are wormed and vaccinated.

New owners receive:

  • GCCF Transfer of Ownership paper
  • Pedigree Certificate
  • Vaccination and veterinary record card
  • Free PetPlan Insurance for six weeks
  • Egyptian Mau Club Membership Form
  • Signed copy of our Kitten Contract
  • Receipt of purchase
  • Care and dietary advice sheet
  • Sample of kitten’s usual food
  • Your kitten’s favourite toy
  • Microchip

Enquiries welcome about our future litters; please use the contact form provided