Pattern Description

Head Markings

Forehead barred with characteristic ‘M’ and frown marks. A complex ‘scarab’ design is seen on the top of the head, behind which lines extend backward between the ears and continue down the back of the neck, ideally breaking into elongated spots along the spine. The cheeks are barred with ‘mascara’ lines: the first starts at the outer corner of the eye and continues along the contour of the cheek, and the second starts at the centre of the cheek and curves upwards, almost meeting the first below the base of the ear.

Body Markings

Markings on the torso are to be randomly spotted with variance in size and shape. The spots can be large or small, round, oblong, or of irregular shape. Any of these are of equal merit but the spots, however shaped or of whatever size, shall be distinct, with good contrast between pale ground colour and deeper markings. Spotting pattern on each side of the torso need not match. Underside of the body spotted. As the spinal lines/elongated spots reach the rear haunches, they merge together to form a dorsal stripe which continues along the top of the tail to its tip. On the upper chest there are one or more broken necklaces. The shoulder markings are a transition between stripes and spots.

Leg Markings

The front legs are heavily barred and/or spotted and do not necessarily match. Haunches and upper hind legs to be a transition between stripes and spots, breaking into bars on the lower leg.

Tail Markings

The tail is heavily banded and has a dark tip.