Withhold all Awards for:

  1. Extremely aggressive temperament
  2. White markings anywhere, other than those referred to in the colour description
  3. Lack of spots

Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten and Open Classes for:

  1. Cobby or Oriental type
  2. Poor spotting and/or extensive pattern flaws.
  3. Extensive brown tarnish (i.e. extending beyond the area of the muzzle) in a silver, or cold, grey tone to the ground colour in a bronze, or insufficient contrast between the ground colour and the jet black markings in a smoke
  4. Amber eyes in adults
  5. Three or more faults from the list below
  6. Any defect listed in the preface to the SOP booklet


The presence of any of these faults should be taken into account when judging a Mau, however one or two minor faults in an otherwise excellent cat should not be too heavily penalised.

  1. Small ears
  2. Oriental eye set
  3. Lines of nose diverge when viewed from the front
  4. Prominent whisker pinch
  5. Muzzle square or pointed
  6. Weak chin
  7. Unbroken vertical stripes on the body, or stripes on the underside
  8. Unbroken necklaces
  9. Poor contrast between spots and ground colour
  10. Visible tarnish in a silver or lack of warmth in a bronze, or black locket on a smoke