About Maus

Egyptian Maus have the distinction of being the only natural spotted breed of domestic cat. While you might first be attracted to the Mau’s fascinating spotted coat, you will likely become addicted to the breed’s temperament and personality. An extremely intelligent animal, the Mau places great importance on family, both human and their own; they are loving and fiercely loyal companions who want to be at your side and involved in every aspect of your life.  Maus often express their happiness by chortling and trilling in a soft melodious voice and quivering their tails while treading with their forepaws.

The Mau is a graceful and muscular cat with a stride like a leopard. A unique flap of skin extends from the flank to the back knee, which allows for greater length of stride and agility. The Egyptian Mau is the fastest breed of domestic cat, clocked at more than 30 mph; they often perform impressive leaps and somersaults during play. Maus will play ‘fetch’ with their toys, with little training, and some enjoy being walked on a lead.